Ethan's Notes

Ethan: Jhames – Dwarf, Rose – Explorer, Chairon – Hunting Dog
Matt: Alicade – Bear Man, Alioth – Bear Man Njall – Assassin – Grettir the Unwashed
Drew: Scarth – Mage, Galinda – Witch, Rodger – Fighter, Scorn- Varangian, Dr Owl – Familiar

Popular Locations:
Bearholm (26.04 Small Map, 10.17 Large Map)
Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map) (AKA ‘Town’) (Market Class 4)
Mountain Monastery (26.02 Small Map, 10.16 Large Map)
Campaign Notes

Session 1-3 Bad Notes.
Quest: “Top Men”
We have traveled to the Veil of Traitors on the request of Elven Intelligence to seek a magical treasure of unknown quantities stored in a dungeon of some kind in bear mountain.
Bearsarkers house at the base of the mountain
We encounter a gatehouse to a small town which formerly held ‘goatmen’ (According to an ork)
The town has been destroyed goat men routed out replaced by orks in the stone house…
Yeti’s in the wood house
Dragon!? in the tower.

Day 1 – 11
We charge the gate house. The mage sleeps 10 of the combatants 2 are dispatched by dogs, and another 2 by my dwarf.

Cleared a house of Orks
Burned down the yeti house!

Orks living in the monastery displayed no standards, were lead by some kind of war cheif and shaman
Ork warband of 40 combatants flew the standard of a howling wolf with a warg skull.

Vision from Abbot’s office: “Corpse of a wolverine dissolving and being consumed by fungus”.
“An elephant watches the sky with fear”

Treasure Maps collected from..
Abbots Office with Drinkin water.
Wall of murder fire in front of the castle.

Other things, stone statues, murder spides, fighting the dragon

Hafnir the Troll Lord citadel at 17.35, lays claim to the Vale and most coastal areas.

The Cinder Wood is a result of a war between these two some years back; Hafnir’s armies which came through the East Garrison pass were burned in the woods, and those that came up the fjord captured 20.30 and 20.34 temporarily, but were unable to hold siege on 22.27 and ceded their gains when they saw the smoke and heard the dragon was incoming.

Verlath the Incandescent (lair at 23.14, lays claim to the lands east of the vale, including 22.27 and its river and road network)

Session 4
Day 11
Starting location: Bearholm (26.04 Small Map, 10.17 Large Map)
Previously on ACKS Jhames acquired a Cursed shield during the dragon fight, This shield sets his AC to Zero (Sadness). In order to remove the curse our previous Nightblade companion was sent back through the fairy ring with 4500gp to purchase a scroll of remove curse. It returned to us and the curse was cleared.

Plan for today: We travel to Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map); this takes 4 days. Jhames buys a shield. There have been reports of yeti attacks and ghouls in the surrounding homesteads. We question commoners about the attacks that we have been hearing about trouble at the local distillery….which will NOT STAND.

We travel to Old Aethelred’s Orchard and Distillery (Small Map 16.09)
Upon arriving we discover the longhouse is filled with Ghouls (x11) Scarth and we are beset upon by zombie goats (x15). Jhames needs to stop opening doors. Scarth dispatched 10 of the Ghouls with a speedy fireball and Galinda casts our ward of undead to keep the Zombies off of the squishies. Rex charges to his death; NOPE turns out he’s good. With all undead gone we clear the house, and we spot yeti tracks.

LOOT: In the basement of the still house: Flask of the Water of Life. 8ksp (in unaged whiskey), 13kep (in aged whiskey), usquebaugh (water of life)

Experience (4500 Gold is taken off the top to pay for scroll of remove curse)

We return to Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map).

Day 12
Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map)
It will begin to rain at mid-day. We purchase a pack of hunting dogs (x5)
We charter a boat to return to Old Aethelred’s Orchard and Distillery (Small Map 16.09)

We travel north/north east to 18.06 tracking yeti’s

We discover a Stone Barrow (Small Map 18.06) in the woods.
Inside is a Undead Yeti (x1) with it’s skin missing and a pack of Ghouls (x10)
They beset upon the dogs and kill them both of them in a fury of undead and bloodied flesh.

Rodger and Scarth Step in, fireball obliterates 7 Ghouls, Rodger sweeps through and kills the rest. The undead yeti sets upon rodger. The Ghouls are dispatched and the yeti is dismembered.

We return to Old Aethelred’s Orchard and Distillery (Small Map 16.09) to attempt to discover the secrets of his flask of the water of life.

LOOT: 1kpp (spices, grave goods), 200gp trinket, 3000gp jewelry, 600gp trinket, 500gp jewelry, magic leather armor and shield, 6 magic arrows, runestone commemorating barrow occupant’s deeds and lineage in Old Norse


We return to Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map).

Day 13 – 18
Rain falls constantly to brighten the spirits of the townsfolk…
We feast for days, bringing in the clients from the brewers farm, hiring a stone mason to carve a new headstone and statues of Rex and Eddy for the northern barrow, their lives are chronicled an honor guard of townsfolk carry the statues and the headstone and place them alongside the barrow we spend thousands and thousands of gold pieces in our collected trade goods, we attract a lot of attention.

Persons of Interest:
Baron Hrane the Gouty,
Aella Hrane (Daughter of the Baron) (mid-30s, hot, unmarried, “trouble”),
New Constable is Bragi the Loud, he does not like our manor.

Alfgeir runs the homestead / trading post / farm Alfgeir Homestead (Small Map 14.11),
He has 2 sons:
Njall (Str 16, Dex 10, Con 9, Int 18, Wis 9, Cha 3, Assassin 2)
Sorli the Fair (Str 14, Dex 7, Con 9, Int 9, Wis 11, Cha 15, Varangian 2)

Njall the Assassin joins the party is given magic leather armor +2

Day 19
We charter a boat and sail up to the Logging Camp (14.06) on the way we drop off Sorli the Fair at Alfgeir Homestead (Small Map 14.11).

We arrive Mid-Morning: The workers at the logging camp believe there to be a number of Ghouls (less then 10) in the woods, but also a skilled Explorer of their party has been zombified we travel North East (15.05) we hunt and kill a deer flaying it open and exposing its entrails. We are beset upon by ghouls (x8) we suspect that one of them is the Explorer that has been lost. Many Ghouls with many bows.

We slay 6 of them and 3 of them ran. During the running pursuit people are wounded and the Explorer ghoul escapes. A pit trap takes away 2 of our hunting dogs. We chase the ghoul to his lair. The Ghoul (Svarter Flatnose) surrenders to us, pleading for his life the Bear brothers see fit to let him wander the blight under the promise that he would not eat humans. Jhames and Cass believing that due to his willingness to turn humans and his status as undead his word is not good enough, Cass shoots and Jhames cuts him down.
We return to Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map).

Loot: 1kep in smoked monster parts, 10gp hematite, 90gp trinket, 160gp trinket, 120gp trinket, 120gp trinket Experience

Day 20
We travel to the mouth of the river (Small Map 15.05) by boat and then hike hours to Prospector Camp (Small Map 15.02) We find wolf cubs and many treasure.

Loot: 75gp sardonyx, 10gp quartz, 50gp citrine, 25gp tiger eye, 500gp topaz, 10gp quartz, 750gp sunset amethyst, 500gp aquamarine, 25gp turquoise, 250gp pearl, 100gp amber, 250gp spinel, 50gp jasper, 1000gp black sapphire, 75gp chalcedony, 75gp chalcedony, 25gp agate, 50gp jasper, 50gp citrine, Norse Treasure Map (gemstone strike), and magic short sword
On our way down the mountain we are beset upon by wolves. We Loot the Wolf Camp.

We return to Ostrogot (18.14 Small Map 18.19 Large Map).

Session 5
A vision is had – a pack of wolves, led by a shaggy black-furred male, hunts a skeletal dragon.

Day 21
In Transit:
Small Map 23.06: Storm Clouds to the South, A company of men from the south appears before us
6 Men on foot, 3 men on horse, Visible Emblems include: Black Wolf on a red field, Black Shield, Black and Yellow striped Field with Red Blue and Yellow Stars. We are accosted at range and the horses charge.

The Knight with the Black Shield is full plate mounted (Mounted), She becomes inflamed in some kind of hellfire. We are afeared. The Horsemen are repelled by the party, their horses are cut down and the riders are pulverized. The legate takes flight on their deamon horse. Alicade picks up Jhames and throws him 30 feet into the air where he swipes the Ork Legate in midair. The legate is killed in a hail of TREES, swords, axes, bolts and bear fur. Jhames lands on the ground. A deamon possessed nightmare horse lands upon the ground and attempts to grind James into the dirt. Everyone leaps onto the horse and brings it down.

The bears and others fall upon the archers on the hillside, some die, others throw down their weapons.
We acquire Magic Plate, Magic War Hammer, Magic Sword. The change in their pockets. It wasn’t enough.

The remaining archers (Longbow Woodsman) and the 3 Dwarf (Siege Engineer) slaves return to Bearholm with the party. The Dwarves are set to their task of adding a major addition to

The story we get is that Bragi had hired some “Dragon Slayers” to march up the mountainside…but they keep encountering us. (people think we are the dragon)

We return to Bearholm

Day 22
Weather: Storms
Arrive at Bearholm
Grettir is hired by Alicade to navigate the party South.

Day 23
Weather: Storms
2 Parties set out from Bearholm
Jhames, Njall, Alicade, Alioth, Grettir travel South to 29.09
Rose , Scarth, Galinda, Rodger, Scorn, Dr Owl Travel West to 23.06 to cut up the bodies.

Day 24
Weather: Storms
7 Woodsmen are hired, they are canoed back to Bearholm where they are set up as guards against ghouls and things that live in the woods.
The bodies of the Dragon Slaying Party are dismembered as to prevent them from returning as undead minions of the dark god. Everyone sets their sights back to Bearholm.

Day 25
Weather: Storms
Both parties return to Bearholm and establishes our new basecamp. Grettir is put in charge of the security of Bearholm. We now have 1 Horse, 3 mules, 9 Longbowmen, 3 Dwarves, a Ballista, Steward, Pack of Hunting dogs. Scarth has a hunting dog.

Day 26
We venture north to 26.02 and the remnants of the Monastery located there.
We close the town’s well with a large rock. (Expecting to encounter Mushroom Men)
Then we venture down to the wine cellar which had been previously not encountered. There are the bodies of dead Orks down there….anddd Screaming mushrooms. Oh fuck.

We are beset upon by mushrooms from the underground tunnels that we discover in the Wine Cellar of the Ork building. We cut down many mushrooms until their will to fight faltered and they dropped horrible mushroom spores and retreated into the depths of the earth.

We construct a barricade to this tunnel’s entrance using the tables and benches from the rooms above.

Session 6

After leaving the basement we venture towards the Abbot’s house and we are attacked by 2 giant spiders. One is obliterated by a timely fireball from Scarth. The other is quickly dispatched but not before poisoning Galinda. We are unable to cure her…she dies painfully and gruesomely of organ failure. She is then fed the whiskey of life and stands back up. We continue to the abbot’s office.

Vision water is drunk: A corpse in elven mail lays upon the floor of a cavern as magma rises towards it.

We travel into the side of the mountain using the tunnels behind the Abbot’s office, we discover a secret staircase. Leading into darkness and a pathway traveling deep through the mountain ending in a secret doorway that leads to the mountain road that leads to the monastery. We descend 40’ down the staircase and discover a 30×30 room carved with volcano god imagery. Door to the north, we open it. It contains a room with a stone bridge and an altar and another passage leading North… The obsidian altar contains sacrificial imagery. We travel into the next cavern which opens into the mountainside and has many dead bats in it. We travel back down into into another magma cavern where we discover a metal staff submerged in a lava pool, when removed we free the Lava God from his imprisonment we have a short amicable conversation and some folks possibly take him as a deity

We travel:
North West Tunnel: Natural Magma Flows utilized for the construction of a forge
Followed by:
Tunnel to the North East: We see: Yellow mold growing on the walls of the cave and mushroom men
Tunnel to West: Open cavern containing an acid pool with gold in it. Exit to the West
Followed By:
Tunnel to the West: a Kennel of Centipede monsters, which we dispatch quickly. Exits to the South, North, and East. (Loot: 10kcp, 30ksp, chainmail +3, potion of gaseous form, potion of ???, 6 vials of dangerous mold spores)
Tunnel to South: Opens in the cavern containing lab equipment, a corpse clad in elven mail is caged in this room, We take the armor, and acquire a potion of Gaseous Form, some other potion, and bottles of mold spores. (ICE Imbibe potion), Exit to the East, and North (Loot: Sporipede kennel: 2kgp, 500gp alexandrite, 250gp spinel, 75gp sardonyx, 500gp alexandrite, 10gp quartz)
We continue:
Tunnel to North: Many mushroom men. In a mushroom garden, we clear the cavern and turn back.
Tunnel from the Lab to the East: Full of mushroom men. 60foot cavern with 5 mushrooms. Cavern entrance to the North.

We retreat up and out and…

We return to Bearholm.

Day 27
We trek up the mountain again. Descend through the abbot’s office. Back down to the stair room (Through the caverns) and find a storage room full of treasure. (26ksp, 7kgp, 25gp tiger eye, 75gp zircon, 750gp imperial topaz, 27gp trinket, 140gp trinket, 700gp trinket, 60gp trinket, 600gp trinket, 31gp trinket, 500gp trinket, 110gp trinket, chainmail, sword) Woo!

We take the Western Corridor into a corpse room. and kill 4 Spitters and 1 Shield Mushroom then explorer both southern rooms which connect with the wine cellar and the well room. Then returning to the corpse room we travel through the western tunnel and we burn the yellow mold out of a tunnel, we enter a very large cavern from the eastern end

6 Spearmen 9 Pale Mushrooms 4 Spitters and a GIANT MUSHROOM

The Mother mushroom casts a confusion spell and the front line is effected. Roger, and Both Bears are confused. We crash into their line. Archers pepper the Mother-Shroom with arrows which explodes into green slime. Jhames and Alicade smashing through the spearmen and cutting through the shield wall and into the small mushrooms, the mushrooms break and flee after being annihilated. We restrain the Bear Brothers and Roger with a combination of Sleep, Hold person, and Control Person. After clearing the room we receive a windfall of treasure.

The fire god clears the cavern with cleansing flame.

We return to Bearholm.

Session 7

Day 28
Alcade, Scorn, Galinda, Scarth, Jhames, and Cass
3 Mules
45,000, gold and gems. Valuable foodstuffs.
60 Stones from mules

We awake at Bearholm
The rain stops.
Henches are paid for 1 month of service (400gp for a 5th level hench)
We travel to Ostergot

Day 29
It stops raining
We arrive in Ostergot to find many orks (As many as 70 orks) unloading from ships
They display sigils of a Grey Mask on Black Field (Iron Masks)

Day 30 – 35
While traveling back to Bearholm we encounter another orkish regiment one displaying a Howling Wolf on a yellow field (Howler) we share with them the information that Orks have landed at Ostergot. They find this information interesting and turn to leave us.

We return to Bearholm and begin moving all our possessions and companions North to the Monastery.

Month 2 Day 4
We Establish the Mountain Fortress of Börnabørg moving all of our worldly possessions and begin the construction of a palisade gate with local timber…

Month 2 Day 6
We encounter a group of escaping dwarvish slaves lead by a Vault Guard Sindri, they are ‘convinced’ to join our cause with lots of cold hard cash, everyone love cold hard cash. The dwarves set up residence in Bornaborg and Sindri enters the service of Jhames the Dwarf.

Month 2 Day 8
Grunack leader of the Iron Masks and his forces arrive at the base of our mountain, we blow the Avalanche Horn and his forces are crushed beneath the snow and rocks that fall upon them. They arrive at our gate bedraggled and broken and hail us. We allow them inside and establish defenses as these orks fear the encroached Howelers who have come in great force. We establish a deal because their mission involved the slaying of a dragon, but has become very much about their own survival.

Night falls and guards are posted to watch for howler encroachment we are attacked by spiders during the night, Jhames and Sindri with Orks fought off the spiders and Börnabørg is safe for the night.

Month 2 Day 9
The Howlers appear at the base of our mountain, they march up and are met with the Iron Masks at our gate, arrows fall on them from above and mounted Boar Cavalry crashes behind their line crushing their second rank, our PC’s jump into the middle of their battle lines and splitting their forces, we crush their forces scattering them down the mountain, taking many prisoners but breaking their will.

Month 2 Day 10 – Day 11
Each three days we awake and sacrifice a number of orks to our new Magma Lord Tectonicus

Session 8

Month 2 Day 13 – Day 18
Alicade, Njall, Galinda, Scorn, Scarth, Sindri, Jhames, Cass
We arrive in Ostergot and commissioned the construction of a number of seafaring barges the stormy weather delays our departure.

Month 2 Day 21
Galinda travels to the local Witches Coven with Cass and meets 5 witches of varying power they are handed a fist full of money and the offer of Ork slaying and the access to new magiks.

Month 2 Day 26 – 33
With Barge construction finished and the bad weather having passed we finally mount up at dawn and set off down river.

We arrive in Thrinvatn (Three Rivers) (23.31 1.5mile Hex)
At mid-day we arrive in port, we tie up our barges. We are approached by 3 bearded men with swords; they are friends! They have long known Scarth and invite them back to their home
We spend a week searching for henchmen in town.

Trolls in town. They are big, scary, and they are in charge.

Month 3 Day 3
Henchmen Payday: $700
Hireling Payday: $202

South of Town we encounter an orcish encampment Pig’s Head with a Human arm in it’s mouth on a purple field.

Month 3 Day 4
We arrive in Ornhafen. We are marched across the city to appear in a great keep.

Hafnir the Troll Lord and his court:
A Humanoid stands on the court, in plate with only his mouth displayed beneath his helm
High Patriarch Halthor Child-Sparer – dude in black robes with a pope hat.
Gnupur the Shaven -
Valan the Poet –
Fjonna the Fair -

Alicade is given domain over Börnabørg

Session 9

Month 3 Day 5 – 25
Recruiting Families, Mercs, and people to live

Month 4 Day 9

Session 10
We travel into the blight tracking the route of the Paladin.
We arrive at a keep garrisoning many many undead soldiers
People are wounded…permanently but much treasure is had

As we return to Bjornaborg we are pursued by Elves dressed in black.

Roc’s at 23.18
Goatmen Village 26.19

Session 11
Month 5 Day 14 – Day 25
We attend the coven in Ostergot.
29.28 Contains 5 Canoe’s

We travel to the pottery barn, encounter 3 dragons who demand tribute.
Pottery Barn we encounter a sphere of ghosts.
We kill them, Lots of pottery.

Session 12

Green: Jhames
Red: Cass
Sindri: White/Blue
Greetha: Black/Orange

Ethan's Notes

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