Hirelings and their Tasks

Jhames’ Hirelings
3x Dwarven Siege Engineering

6x Dwarven Workers

9x Woodsman from the Northern Logging Camp (Veteran Long Bowmen)
(Located at Börnabørg)
7x Woodsman from river log flume (Veteran Long Bowmen)
(Traveling with party south, as rowers)

2 Heavy War Horse
2 Medium War Horse
2 Light War Horse


Month 2 Day 15 – Construction of a Gate
6500 GP for the construction of a Stone Gate with Portcullis and murder holes, the whole 9 yards.
Work is completed in 1 Month (double time for remote location)

Month 3 day 15 – Construction of a Well
400gp for various complications relating to magma flooding the old well chamber
Work is completed in 5 days.

Month 3 day 20
Reconstruction and improvements of the Dragon’s Tower and the Installation of the Avalanche Horn
5000gp (Shared among the party)

Month 4 Day 1

Hirelings and their Tasks

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