Adventurer Conqueror King in Midnight.

Eighty years ago, the hordes of the north thundered forth and conquered the known world in the name of their all-devouring deity, Izrador. In the Kaladruns in the East, the dwindling dwarves fight on, while the elves in the West sundered the Foul Bog of Eris Aman with powerful magic, turning their home forests into the Isles of Avalon, but the lands of men all fell beneath the Shadow.

Twenty years ago, their blessed commander, Naxander the Conqueror, perished of a mysterious disease, leaving his empire “to the strongest!”. The commanders of his regional garrisons took control of their local hordes and have been fighting to prove themselves as Naxander’s rightful heir ever since.

And so it came to pass that in the eighty-first year of the Shadow, a band of fugitives, heretics, and (rogue?) Elven Intelligence operatives gathered to make their fortunes in the Vale of Traitors in the realm of Hafnir the Troll Lord.

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